Ephesus, Antioch, Colossae, Galatia. These familiar places in Scripture are all located in what is now modern-day Turkey. Though it was once the launching point of the Gospel during the time of the early church, less than 0.1% of people in Turkey today are evangelical Christians. Only 4,000 believers can be found in a population of over 75 million.


“To be Turk is to be Muslim” is a widely held belief shared in Turkey. What’s more, the dominance of Islam, extreme nationalism, and close family ties mean that very few Turks are open to considering the Gospel. From childhood they are taught untruths about the Bible, Jesus, and Christianity. Turks who become believers may be alienated from their families or risk losing the jobs they depend on for their livelihoods. Still, the greatest hindrance to the spread of the Gospel is simply that they have not heard.


 “And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” – 2 Timothy 2:2


Our church-planting team desires to take the truth of the Gospel and entrust it to faithful Turks who can then take the Gospel all over the nation. Our main purpose is to work alongside Turks to establish a network of self-replicating churches throughout Turkey. Currently, our team is working to establish a church in a very conservative city with no Gospel presence. Though the task is difficult, we are encouraged by all that the Lord has done already, and we are confident that the Lord is at work in the hearts and minds of the people in our community.

The greatest hindrance to the spread of the Gospel is simply that they have not heard.




Throughout the summer, participants will have the opportunity to come alongside our team in our core ministries of service, evangelism, discipleship, and church involvement. At the same time, we want to invest in their lives and help them to grow. We will work with participants to discover how their own unique gifts can be developed and used in the context of international church-planting.


Practically, they may participate in wide range of ministries, including English clubs, culture nights, refugee outreach, campus ministry, children’s and worship ministries, bible studies, and other special events. If you are flexible, creative, and excited to work in a place where the harvest is plenty, then Summer LINK Turkey will be a great fit for you!