Qué pasó- Honduras

Qué pasó- Honduras

Qué pasó mis amigos- “What’s up my friends?” is how many of our conversations have started the past couple of days. Today is our sixth full day in the country of Honduras, and we are so grateful to see the Lord stretching and growing us in this beautiful place. Monday started our first day of teaching English classes. We have three classes a day, each filled with a range of students; from those who do not speak any english at all, to those who help us teach the class (given our lack of much knowledge of their own language.) We teach these same classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, giving us plenty of time to make relationships with many of the children. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we are able to teach English to an adult class. Also, on Tuesday morning, we caught the bus with the kids heading to school in a neighboring village.

gyyThe nights before each of the classes that we teach, our team all sit at the table and collaborate about what would be the most effective way to teach basic vocabulary and sentence structure to a wide range of children. Normally, we settle on a few worksheets, although our last class included a game of labeling the parts of the body with the very willing model: Will Ray.

honnThese classes have been stretching us as we are challenged to go outside of our comfort zones. We are amazed at how the Lord is using a team of six college students (with only one education major, and many many proving to be more country in their accent then previously thought) to teach English to a Spanish speaking classroom. These classes have given us great opportunities to make relationships with the children and we are so eager everyday to love on them as much as possible.

The adult class is very different. Most of them either work at the hospital. Some are even at the hospital for a short time. These people are so excited to learn English and are very attentive. With such a small class, we are able to pair off and really spend one on one time with each person who attends. This has been a really sweet time for our team.

nmTuesday morning, we were able to love on the children at the bilingual school down the road. We woke up and caught the bus with the schoolchildren at 6:15am. The school is about 15 minutes away, down the gravel road, through two rivers (bridges are no longer there) and through a village or two. Our purpose at this private school is to serve in whatever way they need us, so we mostly played futbol and “Little Sally Walker” with the kids during the two recesses that were scheduled in the day. We also divided up and helped in the classrooms. It was so neat to see how different school is in Honduras vs. the US because of all the open windows and time spent outside AND because of all the singing and interaction with the teacher during every school day-not just on special occasions like in the states.

gyBasically, these are the most loving, selfless, welcoming people we have ever encountered, and though many do not know Christ, they always smile at us and make sure our needs are met. From the nurses at the hospital to Mariela, the sweet widow who makes our team meals twice  a week to the Pirkle family who loves on us with food and transportation, the Lord has provided and has been so faithful to our team. For us, seeing how well people here use their days well from sun-up to sun-down and how they give their first fruits and all except they need to live has been convicting and challenging as we ponder our lives back home and what needs to change.

Though He has been revealing to us our sin, selfishness, and laziness through our weekly readings and through not having all of our comforts, we are confident that all this is for our good and will ultimately be for His glory as we surrender it all to His greater plan. Praise the Lord for His discipline and for the fact that His mercies are truly new each morning.

All we know is grace, especially as we “forget what lies behind and strain forward to what lies ahead.”  Philippians 3:13

Pray for our team to continue to be bold in sharing Jesus and His glorious, life-altering Gospel and also for the Lord to help us in growing in our daily disciplines and in meeting each other where we are as we ask God to renew our minds constantly. Also, please join us in praying for the children/adults we teach to understand our instruction and to see Jesus in our team as we grow closer to them daily. Our desire is to build these relationships for the purpose of loving them as Christ has loved us.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. We are so excited to see what the coming weeks hold.

Seeking to bring Him glory in Balfate,

Rachael Nicholson and Hannah Watkins and SL Honduras