Summer LINK Seattle: A Blessing to my Heart

Summer LINK Seattle: A Blessing to my Heart

Well, it’s official. The Lord is great and sovereign in all things. As if we all didn’t already know that? As we each wrap up our individual summer link locations, we all are striving to stay engaged with where we are and to continue to be intentional with those who we come in contact with every day. Of course our thoughts slip to what we will do when we get back home or what we need to take care of before we re-enter our old lives, but I don’t find that completely unhealthy. For me, this entire summer I have been single minded. I have lived in a missionary house, surrounded by people who are away from their homes serving the Lord over the summer. Every day I wake up and go about my day in a complete mission mindset, in the sense that everything I am doing is to further the kingdom of Christ. Even when I have free time, everywhere I go, I am focusing on letting Christ’s love shine through me so that I can be a witness to the Gospel without even having to say anything.

Lake Crescent

Now as we each are in our last week or, for those like me, are done a week early, we find ourselves re-entering our old lives with a new mindset and a new desire to serve the Lord with a fresh view on how awesome of a God we serve. I pray that through community, we can hold one another to that and really focus on waking up every morning in awe of who God is. Moreover, we should humble ourselves before the cross and everything will follow as it should. After all, that’s the beauty of who God is – when we put him first and take time with him every day, he honors our obedience and blesses our hearts.

Missy and Crystal @ The Big Cedar Tree
South Beach (First Campground)

Ruby Beach (Love the mist coming off the sea)

Cape Flattery – Northernmost point of America

 Well with all that in mind, I was so thankful that this was the week that the Seattle team went camping in Olympic National Park. After a bustling summer, the peacefulness of nature and the absolute jaw-dropping structures the Lord has blessed us with were the perfect way to take a minute to breathe and soak up God’s grace and mercy. My team was talking about the difference between man-made beauty and God-crafted beauty last night as we ate dinner in the Sky City Restaurant in the Space Needle. Our eyes grow tired of and even overwhelmed of sights such as Disney World, because we can’t take it all in – it’s too much. And yet, we can spend hours staring and absorbing the beauty of nature. Now we ask ourselves, why is that? The difference lies within who is found at the root of the beauty. We will always grow tired of anything dealing with man because it ultimately will never satisfy us. It never fully has and it never fully will. We were created with that God-shaped void in our lives for that reason.

Our fearless leaders Brock and Marie
The guys couldn’t handle the sulfur smell of the hot springs… so they had gender time instead.

We celebrated Alyssa’s 20th Birthday!!

And so with all that being said, I’ll let the pictures do all the talking. Our eyes can never fully see, our ears can never fully hear, and our words can never fully explain what our hearts feel in the deepest depths when the Lord leaves us breathless. He blesses all of our hearts.

Hurricane Ridge

Be praying for our team as they attend the Creation Festival on Friday and Saturday. Also, lift up Parker as he gives the sermon this Sunday. Go back into your lives and allow God’s light to shine through.

“There are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton

By: Blair Cowden