A Fresh Wave of Students at Tufts University

A Fresh Wave of Students at Tufts University

This past Sunday we held a free College lunch for students at Redemption Hill Church and we had over 20 students hang with us. Here’s the really cool part about these 20 students. Of the 20, 2 were seniors, 1 was a junior, 4 were sophomores and the rest were freshmen (13 or so). This is super encouraging!!! At this lunch, we spent time connecting with each other and then each student was challenged to consider two things: 1. will you give at least one of your summers to serve on mission through Summer LINK and 2. will you consider spending the first one to two years after graduation serving strategically alongside of a church plant and even consider doing that through a residency with Generation LINK. Please join us in praying that many of these students will embrace this challenge in the summers and years to come.

One of our key “unofficial” college leaders is James Hoder, a junior at Tufts and God has really given him an opportunity to have a strategic impact in the lives of students on that campus.  As a result, he’s been able to bring many with him to worship with us at Redemption Hill Church. Would you join us in praying for God to continue this work, especially in many of the freshmen students at Tufts University (many of those in the picture below are freshmen who have connected with us).

In addition to playing a key role in connecting many freshman students at Tufts to RHC, James recently agreed to leverage his summer to be our Boston Summer LINK Director. I couldn’t be more thrilled. So, finally, would you pray for James and his assistant, Alyssa Poole, as they begin to finalize their team and prepare a team of 8 to live life on mission alongside of us in Boston this summer. In fact, we’ve still got a few open spots for this team. Why not even consider for yourself joining them or encouraging someone else to join us this summer. Pray today! Apply today!


Jon Chasteen

Area Director

Redemption Hill Church

Medford, MA