THE SPIRITUAL CLIMATE OF BOSTON is dark. In Medford, a city of around 57,000 people just five miles north of Boston, statistics suggest that only 1.9% of the people in the county (Middlesex County) attend an evangelical church while 74% in Medford claim Catholicism. Boston is in desperate need of the light of the Gospel.


Unchurched Population of Boston


Redemption Hill Church Boston | Generation LINK

Medford, MA

Redemption Hill Church

As Generation LINK Boston’s church partner, Redemption Hill Church has three core values: Gospel, Community and Mission. We believe that gospel transformation happens best within the context of community and that all believers are called to be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission. It is our desire to make disciples in Greater Boston who are equipped and commissioned to make disciples among their relational networks all the way to the ends of the earth. As disciples are multiplied all over Greater Boston, RHC desires to plant churches in our neighboring towns and to send out disciples to plant churches in New England, North America and to the Word.


RHC  is coming up on its 7th year anniversary and has seen God grow a team of three core families and a single women to a group of about 200 regular worshipers on Sundays. We also now have 10 Community Groups that meet all over Greater Boston-  including a Student Group starting this Fall! We have recently been able to rejoice in a number of genuine conversions among many in our midst that have been counting the cost of following Jesus. We desire to see more and more of that happen in the days to come as leaders are multiplied to make disciples of these new believers.

We believe that gospel transformation happens best within the context of community and that all believers are called to be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission.


This coming year we are excited to be launching a ministry for MS and HS Students and Redemption Hill. Our residents will be leading this ministry on Sunday nights at our new Redemption Hill Community Center. Our residents will also be assisting and taking leadership roles in other ministries such as – Groups, Sunday Experience Teams, Events, Serve Medford, College ministry, Facility Management, Communication and Administration.


There is still a lot of work and opportunities for ministry with students (MS, HS and College) as well as with discipling and leading young professionals. Also, being a church plant with limited resources, there is a great need for help in administrative areas such as finance, website and graphic design, social media, and photography/videography. While all of our participants have specific roles, the greatest need is for people who are passionate about radically following Christ, boldly proclaiming the gospel and eager to mentor and make multiplying disciples.


Redemption Hill Church now rents meeting space in Medford Square. Allowing our residents a place they can come and do work, but there is still a large amount of flexibility. The main constant every week is our weekly staff meeting, which all residents attend if possible, along with office hours every Thursday morning at a partnering church. Outside of these times, our residents spend their time working, doing school work and investing in people in coffee shops, on college campuses and in various places throughout Greater Boston.


Because of the cost of living in Boston, some of our residents also work part-time jobs. Finally, since we set up and tear down our worship space each Sunday, all of our residents play a crucial role each Sunday leading our setup and tear down teams.

Jon Chasteen | Boston Area Director

Jon and his wife, Leigh, met their freshmen year in college and have been married since December 2003. They have four precious children: Ava, Emet, Owen, and Zoe. Having played football in college, Jon enjoys watching and playing most sports, especially basketball and football. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, hiking, reading, and playing music (guitar, drums, and piano). Jon holds the M.Div. and Ph.D. in Biblical Theology. At Redemption Hill, Jon takes the primary lead in our local and international missions partnerships, as well as executing our discipleship strategy.


DATES: June 1 – July 27, 2020


Summer LINK Boston will be serving alongside Redemption Hill Church to serve the community of Medford, Massachusetts. Throughout the summer we will participate in evangelism and community outreach in the greater Boston area!


Our Summer LINK team will have weekly Bible study and worship times, along with opportunities to fellowship together, and the privilege to serve on Sunday’s at Redemption Hill. Two of the big events we will participate in this summer are Soccer Nights and a massive community outreach project known as “Serve Medford Week”. We look forward to serving with your this summer!