THE SPIRITUAL CLIMATE OF SEATTLE is very raw, coarse, and earthy. There are those who would claim to be spiritual, but this idea would be very far from the teachings of Christianity. For most Seattleites, Sunday is not referred to as the Lord’s Day. This is shown statistically by the 96% of Seattleites who do not attend a church on Sundays.


Seattle is unique to many other American cities because there has never been a spiritual awakening. The city has never been “Christianized” as some major cities have been in the past. Generations of Seattleites have grown up without the concept of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, or even seeing a need for one.


Unchurched Population of Seattle



Bellevue, WA

Essential Church

Essential Church is committed to magnifying Christ and multiplying His kingdom. We believe our task is to lift up Jesus and let the multitudes come to him. Our goal is not to try to forcibly convert or convince. We simply want to have gospel conversations with the lost and allow the Holy Spirit to work.


The Lord is at work in Seattle. At Essential Church we are seeing people come to Christ and disciples being made. Our great shepherd Jesus is finding the lost. Not only is Essential Church growing numerically, but also in maturity. Attenders are becoming members, and members are becoming meaningfully involved in the life of the church. Relationships with organizations and groups are being formed and strengthened each day. In order to reach this city we know we need a united front of believers. We truly hope to see our church and like-minded churches around us reach this area.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be part of a movement where people show what it means to live a life surrendered to Christ to a city that has never seen such a thing?


Accomplishing our vision is being taken one day at a time, and one relationship at a time. This occurs through building personal one-on-one relationships in the community (with organizations and individuals) and building infrastructure within the church (i.e., small groups, creating specific ministry areas).


In a context such as Seattle, a day-to-day schedule could vary from one Generation LINK resident to the next. For instance, a Generation LINK resident may have full support and be able to spend the majority of their time in the community building relationships and connections in their specific ministry area. However, a part-time job may be necessary for some Generation LINK resident in order to live in Seattle, which is actually a valuable ministry tool. One aspect of Generation LINK Seattle is that there is no “church office”. Our offices are by nature in the community. This means meeting in places like coffee shops, in which non-believers surround us.


There is a need for Generation LINK residents in multiple areas of ministry. We are more than willing to talk through other possible areas of ministry, but some specific examples of areas of need for Generation LINK residents to serve are Children’s ministry, Youth ministry, College ministry, Men’s/Women’s ministry, Administration, Worship ministry, Graphic/Web design, and Media.

Warren Mainard | Seattle Area Director

Warren Mainard is a native of greater Seattle. His journey has taken him all over the United States, but it is his heart for the Pacific Northwest that has drawn him back to Bellevue. He and his wife Leah have been married for 15 years and have two beautiful children.




Over the past 6 summers, our Summer LINK participants have laid the foundation for doing ministry and showing God’s love to our community. The harvest is plentiful here in the Northwest. Although the laborers are few, the labor and love of our previous Summer LINK participants is yielding fruit for God’s Kingdom!


During Summer LINK Seattle you will experience: authentic Gospel-community in a city where Christians are the minority and you feel the true need to be with your brothers and sisters, ministry experience through partnering with other organizations and churches to reach our diverse community, leadership development as you are given specific roles and responsibilities (especially in July during our two-week initiative to serve and love our community called “Love Bellevue”), and intentional discipleship by Summer LINK and Essential Church leaders. Come spend your summer in Seattle with us, and be a part of history as God’s Kingdom takes control of the Pacific Northwest.