Abiding in Christ Together

Abiding in Christ Together

This team has learned and grown so much in the past week and a half. Much of our time together has been spent sharing the gospel, building relationships with those in King’s Church and the community, abiding in Christ through reading and praying, reflecting on God’s goodness, and having thoughtful conversations with one another. We’ve also had some other unique opportunities, like serving at Camino Community Center and evangelizing with a team of 8th graders that came to visit King’s Church.[/vc_column_text]


One thing that has been particularly encouraging has been witnessing the team’s unity and love. We have only been here a little over a week, and it’s shocking how close our team has bonded and how sincerely we have been loving each other with brotherly affection. This is especially apparent in how the team has been intentional in conversations with one another and selfless in their service towards the community and one another. We have been praying that our relationships with God, each other, and those we evangelize to are guided by the overflow of love that Jesus has shown us. Seeing how God has led our team in this regard has been a huge blessing and an answered prayer.

It has also been extremely encouraging and refreshing to see how the team has kept the gospel on their minds. We’ve been focusing heavily on the beautiful truth of the gospel in our time in prayer, evangelism, and casual discussions. This focus on the gospel has led to a genuine desire to pursue and enjoy Christ, passion to bring the message of the gospel to others, and even peace in times of discomfort. In many ways, we have been able to see how God is glorified in our dependence on Him.

Please continue to pray that our team would love genuinely, enjoy Christ, keep the gospel on our minds, and have endurance as we seek to glorify God and strengthen each other as believers in the coming weeks. We greatly appreciate your prayers, and we are definitely seeing God at work here in Charlotte!