Would you believe that the most diverse neighborhood in the country is in Alaska? Mountain View neighborhood of Anchorage, Alaska is the most diverse neighborhood in the country, and that is where True North Church meets and serves. We see the opportunity to share the gospel to many different cultures and people groups here, in a city which needs it. In our city of Anchorage, about 15% of the 350,000 people considers themselves to be evangelical, and we know that in the state of Alaska, only about 8% of the 800,000 are in an evangelical church on Sunday morning. We long for our city and our state to hear the gospel of Christ.



Anchorage, AK

True North Church

Being in the most culturally diverse neighborhood, we desire that we would be a diverse church. Honestly, we’re not there yet. But we are seeing more and more people walking in our doors that don’t look or sound like us. We continue to see God growing His church, which has allowed us to expand our outreach and evangelism opportunities. We were able to plant a church in Girdwood, Alaska, a town 40 miles away from Anchorage, now led by Pastor Brian Hicks. And we anticipate being able to plant a second church just north of Anchorage, in a town called Wasilla.



We believe that the gospel is best delivered through community, and therefore focus on three primary areas: Belong, Grow, and Serve. We want our people to belong, to be bought in to the vision of seeing the gospel spread throughout our city and our state. Once they are a part of our community of believers, we disciple them, help them grow, and foster a commitment and desire to fulfill the Great Commission. And finally, we develop opportunities for them to serve, to put into practice what they know.

We see the opportunity to share the gospel to many different cultures and people groups here, in a city which needs it.




Summer LINK Anchorage will be serving Anchorage, Girdwood, and the surrounding areas of Alaska alongside True North Church. We will be doing outreach and evangelism in the community through events such as park parties, sports camps, VBS, and other ministries.


Summer LINK will essentially be a microcosm of our vision – Belong, Grow, Serve. We want to create time for worship, study, and fellowship as we serve in the great state of Alaska.