Anderson SummerLINK gets started!

Anderson SummerLINK gets started!

Summer LINK Anderson Team (just waiting on Laura to join us from Africa)

Things kicked off for the Anderson Team this past Sunday with orientation. During this time we enjoyed fellowship and pizza – lots of pizza.  On our first Monday of the summer we spent the evening at the Alford’s house to enjoy dinner and to hear their testimonies.  After hearing them we played cards for the rest of the night.  Overall it was a fun night of fellowship.

The next day we had our weekly staff meeting at Renewal Church.  During this time we met with our ministry team leaders and became acquainted with our summer responsibilities.  We spent most of the day in meetings and preparing for the Equip Night on Wednesday.  

On Wednesday the team met for our first Equip Night to discuss the first two chapters of Tim Keller’s book, Gospel Christianity.  The discussion revolved around the meaning of being a disciple of Christ and what it means to meditate on the Scriptures.  

The following night we went to downtown Anderson as an outreach event to try to build relationships with locals and hopefully share the Gospel with them.  It was an overall success as we spoke to a number of individuals and began to get to know them.  

Friday night was spent in Gender Time where the guys and girls split into different groups.  During this time we had a discussion questions regarding struggles with sin and our day-to-day lives through the lens passage of Scripture.  Afterwards we all met back at the house and enjoyed dessert and games.  

Although we are only a week into the summer, we have already grown close as a team.  All the time spent as a group serving and learning continues to bring us closer together.