Be Full of Faith

Be Full of Faith

As a twenty-five year old, 27,000 dollars is a daunting, incomprehensible sum. This sum was the amount of money that I needed in order to serve at at my local church as a Generation LINK Resident. I was to raise my salary for the year, my seminary tuition, and the expense of two missions trips. I would also like to add a few facts that may add to the suspense of my story. When I accepted the position as a Resident I had already said goodbye to my previous job as a teacher, my term as a Resident had already begun before I had any money, and I had never fundraised at this capacity. I told my parents and friends that I was leaving a steady job with benefits to a ministry position that I had to raise my own salary. Needless to say, I was a bit tense and the world around me seemed to tell me that I was a loony toon.

I had peace that I was supposed to pursue this opportunity to grow and be trained as a missionary. Why was money an issue for me? I remember sitting at my desk and watching a training video on how to support raise. Even as an extrovert support raising seemed so impossible to me. After I watched the video I was so overwhelmed with the idea of it all that I wrote a letter to Jesus. At the beginning of my letter I wrote, “Dear Jesus, I am full of fear. I fear of what others think of me, of failing, and of money.” Prayerfully and with repentance by the end of the letter I was meditating on Luke 1:37 and writing, “I am not to worry about money, timelines, or my appearance to others. My identity is found in you and you alone. Jesus, forgive me for taking this into my own hands. You take care of your children. You will provide for me.”

To boast in what Jesus did in my life, in only a total of five weeks with 40 supporters I was able to raise above my fundraising goal. It is true. I was blown away by the generosity of people that I wasn’t even considering asking for help. I was equally as surprised by how much I enjoyed spending time in people’s homes casting vision and sharing my heart. I will not say that fundraising was simple or without its challenges but it was worth it. The process was so incredible that it not only grew my faith but the faith of my friends and family. What once was considered a crazy idea was now this miraculous event in a normal 25 year old’s life.

I tell you my story not to impress you with my lack of faith, but to remind you that money is no mountain. Jesus told his disciples that if we had faith we could tell a mountain to move. A mountain! With God all things are possible (Matthew 17:20). My favorite quote that I learned in college is that “God doesn’t call the equipped, rather he equips the called.” I deeply wish that I did not have the fear that I did in the beginning of my support raising process. The Lord taught me one of the biggest lessons of my life from this experience. I can depend on my Savior for all my needs.

You may be finding yourself in a similar position. You have a desire and a calling to serve in Summer LINK or the Residency program but you do not have the money.  I am here to be a witness that if God is for you, who can be against you! Be a child full of faith. I have seen the Lord’s generosity to me and I pray that you will have faith to experience it too! I am praying for you all as you prepare to serve a generous God who cares for your every need.


Sarah Goldie

Pineview Baptist Church

Resident in Columbia, SC