Cultivating a Culture of CommUnity

Cultivating a Culture of CommUnity

We wanted to know what our summerlinkers have been experiencing and learning in Charlotte so far. So, we asked them a couple of questions. Here are their answers:

What are your favorite ways your summer link has been serving?


Kade: Being drafted into the staff meetings has been cool. I think it has provided an interesting insight into leadership at a church.

Casey: Yeah, I don?t always realize what all goes on behind the scenes at a church, so being able to serve alongside the staff at the church has taught me a lot. Even something as simple as providing food for small groups on Sunday, someone has to do that, it doesn?t just appear.

Emmanuel: I enjoyed doing evangelism as a whole church. We went to different places, like campus and the local neighborhood, and got to hear the stories of how the Lord worked, which was great. Seeing the membership as a whole really going out to serve as one body was cool.

Georgia: Cleaning the classrooms at the nearby school was great. It was a lot of stuff that they would have to do on their own, so it was good to help them, as well as further the connection they have with King?s church.?

What has the Lord been teaching you?


Georgia: Just that community looks different in different places, but they still all share the joy of Christ and being able to join together with other Christians. Also, in the Book Life Together, we are also learning how to differentiate between what God calls community and what we expect it to be.?

Casey: Just our constant need for Him. I feel like this has been especially evident in going out to do evangelism and having conversations with people. I feel like He?s provided words and clarity while we?ve been going out to talk to students on campus.

Brice: He?s been giving me a sense of urgency, especially for the lost. I feel like He?s given me just more and more of an understanding of the future for the lost and more of a heart for them. Alongside that, He?s provided boldness in pursuit of others because of that urgency and understanding of the eternal value of what we?re seeking to do.?

Gracie: prayer?

What are some things the readers can pray for?


Emmanuel: I would say more open doors when we do apartment evangelism. Also, just growth for King?s church, and that they would be recognized as an organization by UNCC, [which would allow them more freedom and presence on the campus].?

Mariah: Just not to get discouraged with different encounters or when people don?t open doors, and that we would endure through being emotionally drained.

Gracie: Continued connection and growth in relationships within our team and with King?s church members. Also, that EV would result in long-term connections with seekers or people who want to be connected with a church.

Brice: Intentionality to consistently seek the Lord, dwell in His presence, and be refreshed in His word.

What can we celebrate?


Kade: We can celebrate an awesome community here at King?s between leadership and congregation. Their heart for the Lord is evident. We?ve also had great weather.

Emmanuel: Our team has had good connections with one another, and we have been able to enjoy each other.

Gracie: The Lord helped us to adjust to being here very quickly. God has blessed our time in the Word together as well.

Mariah: God has allowed for lots of healthy vulnerability in our group time.

Brice: Despite small numbers on campus, we?ve still been able to have good conversations with those who have softened hearts and stay in contact with people. Evangelism has also provided good bonding opportunities with one another.

Georgia: The first day when we went to campus with the church, Sarah and I didn?t get to talk to anyone, but even in that, we got to hear other stories and be encouraged. Sarah and I also got to connect with each other, and prayer walk during our time on campus. Our team has also been able to share testimonies with each other.?

Casey: Everyone at King?s has been very welcoming and considerate towards our team. They always go out of their way to ask how we’re doing and check in on us, so we?re just thankful for their hearts and community with them. Also, I?m super thankful for our mealtimes as a whole. I think we have really been able to bond and fellowship with one another during that time.?

What has been a defining moment for your team?


Kade: Unstable Unicorns

Georgia: That is true.

Emmanuel: Is that a defining moment?

Brice: I feel like it has to be.

Slinko*: They have neglected me.


* Slinko is a slinky and our team mascot