From the Boston Globe

From the Boston Globe

Boston is a cool city. Literally, the weather here has been nothing short of incredible thus far (sorry for you guys in the south!). The history, culture, and beauty of this place cannot be understated. However, even in the midst of such beauty, the spiritual climate of this city almost feels paralyzing.

According to NAMB, Boston is in the top 3 of unchurched cities in North America. Why that is so perplexing is the fact that Boston was once one of the strongest (if not the strongest) gospel centers in the US. You cannot walk a street or turn a corner without seeing some of the most historic church buildings in our nation, but now they only show traces of the gospel left behind. These lifeless structures tell the story of Boston. The people are intellectuals and progressives, full of worldly wisdom and pride, and they have moved far beyond the simplicity of the gospel.

But these church buildings also represent more than just Boston. They are like a picture of humanity. I’m reminded, as I walk these streets, that there was a time when mankind walked with God, a time when mankind knew God and enjoyed him. But Boston is a good reminder that that time did not last forever.

Thankfully, the church planters in this city are hard at work to bring the gospel presence back to this city. This summer my team will get to be a part of what God is doing in Boston. We will be working in Malden, an area right next to Medford, on behalf of Redemption Hill Church. RHC hopes to plant a church in Malden in the not so distant future, so our team will be gathering information and building relationships with the people there to prepare the way for a future church planter and a future church.

Pray for us as we do the pioneer work of church planting.

Seek first the kingdom,