Generation LINK Clemson: Student Ministry Fall Retreat

Generation LINK Clemson: Student Ministry Fall Retreat

This past weekend, Crosspoint’s student ministry took its annual fall retreat to Camp McCall in Sunset, South Carolina. This is one of the best parts of the fall semester, as we get hours and hours of face time with our students in a very intentional setting. From the drive up there, to sharing meals and cabins, to small groups and worship, to recreational games; every minute we spent away was an opportunity to connect with our students and to deepen our relationships with them. I’m always so blessed by weekend getaways, and it was great to see our students excited about being away in the mountains together.

Several of our students in their morning devos.

While our “rec” time was certainly exciting (we played through a pretty heavy rain for at least an hour) the highlight for me on Fall Retreat is always getting to hear the Word taught, and then getting to spend time discussing it with students in a small group setting. Our theme this year was “GO”, as we wanted to challenge our students to be on mission for the Lord in their homes, schools, and wherever they go in the future. Rather than assuming that a missional life is something to be saved for the future, for adulthood, we hoped to encourage our students that ALL believers are called to be on mission with the Gospel wherever they are and wherever they go.

Chad Ferrell, our Generation LINK Church Planting Resident, did a great job teaching each of our 3 sessions- we spent time in Ephesians 2, Matthew 28, Acts 1 and Isaiah 6. I really enjoyed spending time in my small group (Junior and Senior guys) because I think several of the students were really encouraged in thinking about what it meant to be God’s “workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” (Eph. 2:10). It was such a blessing to see these guys begin to realize that they were made- and saved- for a purpose. They’re not saved because of their good works, but by grace for good works. We then spent a lot of time discussing what those “good works” might look like in their lives, and what it meant practically to be Christ’s witnesses in our circles of influence. I was really encouraged by our conversation, and it really challenged me to be intentional to be on mission myself, and to continue to challenge these guys to do the same.

On a personal note, as a first year “GLinker” it was interesting to come to Fall Retreat with a different role than I had last year. As staff, we have much more responsibility in the planning and coordinating of the weekend, and don’t necessarily get all the face time with students that we would like. In some ways, we had to die to self in order to enable other leaders to get that time with students while we did much of the set up and execution in the background. This was challenging for me because I think that at times I can sinfully glorify or desire certain ministry roles over others; particularly the roles that get more attention or the ones I “really enjoy”. The Lord has graciously used Generation LINK to change my heart in this area. On staff at Crosspoint we often must perform tasks or roles that aren’t necessarily the most glorious or first on our own lists of priorities. By His grace, I have seen (slow) growth in a desire to serve out of a pure heart, and to value ALL of the parts of the body, which work together to carry out the mission of Christ. The Father certainly used this weekend to continue that work in my heart.

It is a privilege to serve the Lord in student ministry, and I am thankful that the Lord has placed me where He has. One plants, another waters… God gives the growth, and gets the glory!

Joey Evans