Greenville: Refreshing and Rewarding

Greenville: Refreshing and Rewarding

My name is Kristen and this summer I am interning at The Church at Cherrydale (TCC).  My Summer Link experience has been both refreshing and rewarding. I am specifically working in Children’s ministry but I have also had opportunities to be involved in other areas of ministry.  Vacation Bible School was a hectic, yet exciting time for me. I enjoyed helping prepare for VBS and being a part of the week TCC had with the children.

I have learned so much from the kids; I see myself in them as they grow in the Lord and learn to be obedient. The youngest kids need to have everything done for them; they are completely dependent on their parents. This is a powerful reminder to me that I am completely dependent on my Father for everything even though sometimes I think I can do things on my own.  Every time I hold a screaming baby I am reminded of this truth.

Earlier in the summer I had the opportunity to help a church down the road with their VBS. This church is located in a low-income part of town where a lot of people struggle to make ends meet and many of the kids come from families with histories of drug abuse.  I was heartbroken by the statistics of that community. I was talking to God about it in the car later and asking him what I should do in light of the situation. I just wanted to fix it, but He reminded me that ultimately He is the one that changes hearts and he is the one who is in control. It’s a weight off my shoulders to trust him with those kids and with other people that I love.

I believe that God designed the church in such a way that being an obedient disciple apart from the church is not possible. This summer has renewed in me a desire to function as a part of the body instead of an autonomous unit. The body has my back; leadership and other believers sharpen me and I sharpen them.  I would recommend the body of Christ to anyone, she isn’t perfect but the church is Jesus’s bride and he is sanctifying her.

In conclusion, I would not trade this summer for anything else I could have done. I have learned that God is always faithful when I surrender my time and resources to him!