Halfway Point: Trials and Blessin’s on Blessin’s

Halfway Point: Trials and Blessin’s on Blessin’s

It’s hard to believe that we have been in Honduras for almost three weeks now. Time really seems to be flying by, considering we only have three weeks left.


That is three weeks left to love on these children, to dive deeper into the rich community that our Lord has established, and most importantly, to learn about God and how to grow in love and obedience towards Him.


Since our last blog post, it’s been quite eventful around our casita and the Balfate community.


The team planned a surprise anniversary dinner date for our leaders. Miguel and Megan (and baby Chavis!) celebrated their third wedding anniversary with a romantic dinner with a view. We truly have some selfless, humble leaders who really set the tone for our team’s attitudes and perseverance through trials. They are constantly pouring out their lives to us and teaching us how to seek the Lord with our whole selves. I do believe they go to bed empty of themselves every night. We were so glad to be able to do something special for them!




Megan and Miguel at their beautiful dinner spot!




This was their dessert table, whenever they returned from dinner.


(Cake caption: Y’all are Str8 Blessin’s).


Last Friday afternoon during our third ESL class, Dr. Pirkle came in, informed us of a severe rollover accident and that our blood was needed immediately at the hospital for the victims. Turns out, enough people had already donated for the afternoon, but we were awoken the next morning, July 4th, to Mrs. Pirkle informing us of the hot and fresh cinnamon buns on the stove and that more blood was needed after we finished breakfast. Sweet Olivia was the only one who ended up donating, and she was such a trooper with it being her first donation ever! It was scary for all of us and not something we were eager about, but it definitely taught us more about servanthood and dying to ourselves. I am thankful we could be used in this practical way for the Lord!


HONDURAS- blood donation


Olivia’s pre-blood donation smile.


Then we were BLESSED again by the Pirkles with their impeccable cooking skills–brisket, baked beans, and homemade ice cream and apple crisp! We are very thankful for our neighbors/hosts. What a great way to celebrate the 4th!


HONDURAS- dinner


Our July 4th Celebration Dinner with the Pirkles!


After that dinner, we were presented with a heartbreaking reality of the stories of some of the children from the children’s home that is right down the road. These stories were hard to hear, but it also helped our team realize what some of these children have gone through and made us realize how blessed we have been. Our desire is that we can love on these kids while we are here, and we are so encouraged to know that they are taken care of by people who love the Lord. By the Lord’s grace, they were taken out of rough places and brought into a home where the founders love the Lord and know of His redeeming love; whose only desire is for them to know Him also.


We’ve also been blessed with some trials in sickness spreading through the team this past week with a virus hitting all the girls, Jordan getting a nasty road burn on his leg, and Will having an itchy reaction to his malaria meds/the sun and having swollen eyes for a while. None of this seemed like a blessing at the time, but now we can see that the Lord was/is stretching us and is growing our faith in Him even when we are in trials. He really is always good, and all the sickness has really bonded our team in deeper ways than we could have imagined.




Olivia and the girls caring for Rachael during her sickness Tuesday night.


honduras- will


Will (and Hannah) went into town with Miguel and the Pirkles for grocery shopping, (and ice cream too…shhh). If you look closely you can see how swollen his poor eyes are.


Outside of our team, we have also been so encouraged by the building of relationships with the children from the area. The young ones are so willing to come sit in your lap, and the older ones love having conversations (especially about soccer) but we have also tried to be super intentional. We are so excited to see what relationships will continue to grow over the next three weeks.




Jordan and Lorena at the bilingual school.




Rachael making friends, and co-teaching the first grade class at the bilingual school!




Hannah loving on some of the sweet kids from the Children’s Home.




Margaret and our dear friend, Astrid, who attends our adult english class at the hospital with her parents.




Olivia with some of the little guys that are pretty fond of iPhones and hugs.




The children are always so excited to see us! Obviously, feelings are mutual, as Megan welcomes this sweet girl with open arms.


Honduras-English class


One of our english classes practicing writing the Bible verses that they have already learned. (We’re taking them down the Romans Road!)


These passed two weeks have been nothing less of crazy, but we are CONFIDENT the Lord is at work here, not only in the hospital, but in the English classes and the children’s home. Our desire is that we can show the Lord’s love well as he continues to show us more of Himself through these children. His graces and mercies are overwhelming internationally. 


Prayer Request:


The continual building of relationships that will lead to intentional conversations; health for our team; that we may be focused on finishing strong and being all here.


We are so thankful for those back home that are praying for us and keeping us encouraged. The Lord is changing us, and we are so so so thankful for that.


Seeking to bring Him glory in Balfate,


Will Ray, Jordan Renfrow, and SL Honduras