India 2k15

India 2k15

One of the many beauties of the gospel is that the cross is level ground. Regardless of social status, race, or gender, Jesus came to save sinners. Of all the diversity God gave humanity, we all share at least one equal need: Each of us desperately need to be rescued by Jesus. In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus gives His disciples a distinct command to go and make disciples of every nation. God desires the nations to worship Him–all people, every tribe and tongue, magnifying the name of Jesus. Every believer is called to the same task of making disciples for the glory of God.

In several days, the India team and I will depart for?a city in India.?In this location, our mission is to equip existing pastors and church members to better love and serve their communities through the context of the local church. Given?city’s large population–several million people, a majority of whom are Hindu–it is our desire, and ultimately our heavenly Father’s desire, that they would hear the good news of the gospel. During our time there we will seek out new friendships, aiming to love the people of India better with and through the gospel.

Our flight leaves?June 29th,?but?we have already started our journey together. Our team consists of 10 people, and we have been able to (google) hangout a couple of times, getting to know each other and talking through our strategy for India. We hail from Charlotte, Clemson, Greenville, and Los Angeles. Each of us has a much different story and background, but God is knitting our hearts together through two things: our desperate need for Jesus and our desire that God ?be known and glorified in central India?this summer. In talking with our team, I have been amazed at how God conforms?our hearts to be like His in our pursuit of Him. God’s heart is for the nations; as a result of being his children, we inherit that same love and burden for the nations. Through the gospel, God has unified our hearts to be burdened for India.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to serve with SummerLINK in the Greenville location. God used that summer to begin to show me both what the Church is and what the Church is called to do. The church is God’s strategy to fulfill the Great Commission. God gives us unity in Christ to gather together in order that we might be sent out to reach the nations. The more I study the Word of God, the more I see a need to obey the Great Commission. We have to go and tell the world about Jesus. If the world does not hear, how will they believe??God is teaching me?that a deeper love for God and His Word automatically ushers in a deeper love for the nations. This summer, we seek to obey the Great Commission in India.

In Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s?The?Cost of Discipleship,?he describes the position of a believer in the world; he says Christ stands as the mediator in every aspect of a believer’s life:?”Christ stands between us, and we can only get into touch with our neighbors through him” (98). Jesus is the world’s deepest need. He is the reason we are going to India; His love for us enables us to love the nations. Because Jesus came to the world, we go to the world. He has brought us together that we may accomplish His will in India this summer and He will be glorified.


1. Several of us are still seeking financial support. Please pray God will continue to provide for our time in India.

2. The spiritual climate of India is very harsh. The majority of our location is Hindu, but, as a whole, the people are very lost. Please pray the seeds we plant will land in fertile soil.

3. Pray for team unity. We truly desire to count each other as more significant than ourselves.

By: Josh Trainer