Kicking off SummerLink Clemson

Kicking off SummerLink Clemson

Clemson Summer LINK is officially underway! Our team is composed of 7 guys and 11 girls and led by Will and Kim Jackson. We are mostly split into 3 different areas of ministry: youth, kids, and college.

Last night was the first gender night of the summer. They guys met at FIKE (Clemson?s Rec center) while the girls gathered at the Jackson home. During our time we talked about things we?d like to discuss, had a time of prayer and played a round of fishbowl. I am already so encouraged by the girls that God has placed on this team! I can?t wait to get to know them more, study the word, and serve with them.

Bright and early this morning, we gathered for bible study. This summer we will be going through Colossians. We learned today a lot about the metanarrative of scripture. Although 66 different books, it is so cool to think about how each one has a theme all pointing back to the story of God?s redemption of mankind. Will Jackson, our SLINK leader, encouraged us to think about the context of Colossians and this metanarrative as we dive into this bible study over the summer.

The staff meeting was a great time to interact with the Crosspoint staff. Pastor Ken also spoke on the metanarrative of scripture, reminding everyone of how God is ultimately the hero not only in the Bible, but in our lives! There was also a wonderful time of sharing what God is doing in our lives and the church, and joyful time of singing!

I am so excited to see how God is going to use this summer. As we dive into His word as a group and with discipleship, I pray he helps us grow closer to Him. Also, I pray that as we learn we would grow closer as a team and spread that truth through serving and loving others!