Meet the Team: Matt Jordan

Meet the Team: Matt Jordan

   Where did you graduate from and what did you study?
    I graduated from Coastal Carolina University in December of 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. I thought that I wanted to become a financial advisor so after I graduated I applied for many of those types of jobs but I never got an interview or anything so I had to take a job as a server to start paying bills.  

      What led you to do Generation LINK?
     What led me to Generation LINK was I realized that God had called me to ministry and that he was calling me to seminary. I had looked at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and really felt that that was where God wanted me to go. About that same time, a new friend I had met named Dustin Raley had told me about GLINK. He told me that they offer seminary training through SEBTS and that you could get hands-on experience as well. I then sat down with Russ Bennett who is a pastor at Cornerstone Church and he gave me a more in-depth summary of GLINK. I felt that this was what God wanted me to do and so I filled out my application and here I am.

Which location and what areas of ministry do you serve with through Generation LINK?
 Because I live in Myrtle Beach, I requested Cornerstone Church and Jeremy and Jenna allowed me to work here and it has really been a blessing. The staff and I get along very well and its a very fun workplace. I am involved in the youth and college ministry here at Cornerstone Church because that’s where I have the most knowledge. I can relate to both college kids and youth because I was there not too long ago.

What are you most excited about in your area of ministry?
I am most excited about seeing the youth that I minister begin to grow in their faith. With kids its really tough for them to take things seriously but slowly and surely I have begun to see some fruit from this ministry and it really makes it all worth while.

What 2-3 books have been most formative in your walk with Christ?
Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung has been my favorite read so far this year. Everyone struggles with what the future will hold and I definitely struggled with how I was supposed to fit in God’s plan. Just Do Something really opened my eyes to how we figure out what are to do with our lives. And the best about the book is that is simple and to the point. You can read it in a day if you wanted.
My next favorite book will probably Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot. It tells the story of 5 missionaries who gave everything for the sake of spreading the gospels to the nations. The setting is in the jungles of the Ecuador where the missionaries are trying to reach the violent waudoni people who have had very little contact with outsiders. These men eventually get speared to death in one of the meetings with the waudoni but the fruits of their labor is seen today in that there is a thriving Christian population there today.

What are your favorite things to do in your free time?
Where do I start. Well first off I am an avid outdoorsman and anytime I go bowhunting or fishing I go. I grew up on a farm so I am no stranger to the country life. But I also like to play pretty much any sport that involves a ball. Its very fun and its also a great ministry tool. Lastly, my kryptonite is video games. If you would let me, I could play Call of Duty or Battlefield all day long. But don’t thing nothing good come out of video games, because it is also a great ministry tool.

What is your typical coffee shop order?
I pretty much always stick with French vanilla. Many of my buddies drink it black but I have no shame in dropping a ton of French vanilla creamer in my coffee and turning it the color of my skin. I pretty much should ask, “Can I get some coffee with my creamer?”