Meet the Team: Paul Whitfield

Meet the Team: Paul Whitfield

This post is part of a series called “Meet the Team” introducing you to our Generation LINK staff. We hope it will help you get to know Generation LINK staff members serving around the country a little better.

·         Where did you graduate from and what did you study?

o   I graduated from The Baptist College of Florida in 2008. I graduated with a BA in ministry.

·         What led you to do Generation LINK?

o   When I heard that there was an opportunity for greater discipleship and service at Open Door I was immediately interested. I had my “yes” on the table before I knew very much about Generation Link. As I learned more about the program I knew this was just what I needed.  

·         Which location and what areas of ministry do you serve with through Generation LINK?

o   I am serving at Open Door Church in Raleigh, NC. My primary area of ministry is pastoral assistant to our lead pastor, Dwayne Milioni. I also led the first Summer Link at Open Door, administrated the NACPF Unite: 2013 church planting conference, and I have the joy of leading a Care Group.

·         What are you most excited about in your area of ministry?

o   The best part of my job is working with Pastor Dwayne. It has been great to learn from a seasoned pastor. I have gained much wisdom from serving at Open Door under his leadership. I also have really enjoyed serving NACPF church planters at the Unite conference. I am thankful for their hard work and sacrifice for the sake of our great Savior and his glory.

·         What 2-3 books have been most formative in your walk with Christ?

o   Let The Nations Be Glad—John Piper

o   The Enemy Within—Kris Lundgaard

o   Humility—C.J. Mahaney

·         What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

o   I love to spend time playing with my kids and hanging out with my wife. My sweet wife and I love to have friends over to our house for fellowship and meals. I also enjoy playing golf when I have the opportunity.

·         What is your typical coffee shop order?

o   I like light roast coffee. Black.