Meeting Miami

Meeting Miami

¡Estamos Aquí!


After smooth travels on Monday, our team was greeted by Providence Road Church (one of Crosspoint’s partners based here in Miami).  PRC introduced us to Cuban food and helped us get settled into our dorms here at the University of Miami. Our introduction to Cuban food was “¡excelente!”

prc team

While we spent some time fellowshipping with friends from PRC, we will be intentionally working alongside The Brooke Church, led by Pastor Muche Ukegbu during our six weeks here in the city. Pastor Muche has us working in the Wynwood, Midtown, and beach area as our section of the city to focus on. We will be researching and creating a church prospectus in order to navigate the hardships and excitements of church planting in an urban city. With guidance from the North American Mission Board, Pastor Muche, and other leaders in the area who will be guiding us this summer, we are excited to grow in knowledge and leadership!


(Wynwood Mural- one of many artistic expressions in the area)

Some themes that have already struck our team these first few days include boldness and prayer. Bringing light to such a large and dark city is no easy feat, and as Pastor Muche already told us, we are simply not going to save the city in six weeks. But, we can leave an impact –  a wave of eternal hope. With the Lord’s help, we can see people saved and believers strengthened who already live here  in Miami.


Muche has left us each with a homework assignment that is to be turned in at the end of the summer: a personal vision statement. We are excited to pray and fast and learn more about ourselves as leaders and followers of Christ as we are stretched this summer.

Thank you for your prayers and support as we invest in this city to further God’s kingdom,

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