Miami Week One

Miami Week One

Week one in Miami is in the books. What a first week it has been. We have already had many exciting?experiences: from getting checked in and settled at the University of Miami to checking out the world?famous South Beach. We have also experienced the ?high life? here in Miami by eating lunch with a local?cop in the midst of Brickell, an area in downtown Miami. Our cop friend showed us how most of the?people in Miami live extravagant and flashy lives acquiring all the material possessions they can, but?they are still not satisfied.




Our cop friend showed us his apartment view.

Our cop friend showed us his apartment view.


We have not only seen a lot of the city, but we have also made some great connections here. When in?Little Havana, a member of our team, Dianna Frykenberg, met a lady named Sonia and was able to pray?with her. Dianna extended an invitation to Sonia to join us at Providence Road Church on Sunday for?worship. Providence Road Church (PRC) is a local NACPF church here in Miami led by Pastor Jose Abella.?It is a young healthy church with both Spanish and English services. They are passionate about the?Gospel of Jesus Christ and about seeing the people of Miami transformed by the saving power of the?Gospel through the preaching of God?s Word. We have been blessed to worship with PRC and hear their?elders? desire for seeing the city of Miami changed by the Gospel message.



Sonia helping us pick out fruit.


Our NAMB city coach is Etni Prieto who is also in the process of planting a church in Miami. Etni has?proved helpful by giving our team an overview of what the goal is for the summer as a whole?to live as?missionaries in a foreign land while crafting a church planting prospectus. Our secondary chief goal of?GenSend is that us, the students, would grow in our relationship with Christ by learning what it means to?live as missionaries among a foreign context and how to be obedient to the call the Lord has placed on?our lives, whatever that might be.


Prayer requests:

  • Team unity


  • Boldness for evangelism


  • Building relationships


  • Coconut Grove–this is the neighborhood in Miami that our team is focusing on