One Body. Many Members – Clemson

One Body. Many Members – Clemson

Hello from the Clemson SummerLINK Team!


Now one week into July and we are gearing up for Hope for Clemson next week, July 13-17th. During the first four days of the week, we will convene as a church body to share a quick dinner together and then disperse to various locations to serve our local community. With the sun setting later, we will maximize on these longer summer days and serve local businesses and neighborhoods through a variety of venues: yard work, cleaning windows, providing vacation Bible school for kids at an apartment complex, and engaging elderly individuals at a nursing home residence.  A major element of this service week is getting the word out about all that Hope for Clemson entails. This includes surveying local businesses this week to see how we can serve and pray for them and canvasing neighborhoods with door hanger invites for Friday’s Community Fun Night, the final event of the week. Friday night’s free event will take place in the church parking lot with various games and food- all for free- and all in effort to create opportunities to display and declare the gospel. In utilizing our church body, we are growing in unity as we set out with one mission, to make disciples of all people for God’s glory.


Despite our varying roles and responsibilities amongst team members, there are a few things we are consistently doing as a team including a 7 AM Tuesday Bible study on Ephesians, attending a weekly church staff meeting, dining at a church member’s home on Monday for dinner and discussion on what makes up a healthy church member, a Tuesday group or gender-specific social gathering, and Sunday morning worship. No doubt Clemson is different from other SummerLINK locations as many of us are taking classes or working in the community, however, the Lord has provided Will and Kim Jackson to lead us with diligence and commitment to spiritual and community growth, both of which have made time together meaningful. In addition, we have individual weekly discipleship delving deeper into Ephesians. We also take turns covering the front desk in the office and fostering a positive first impression of the church administratively. Each and every aspect of our work at Crosspoint is proving to be advantageous to our understanding of how a church works as a body of many members, each with individualized giftings that are all used ultimately to honor Christ and spread the gospel.


This week in Ephesians, we focused on the importance of putting off the old self before Christ and putting on aspects of the new self in Christ as a means of living a life worthy of the calling we have received as believers and members of God’s family. It’s rewarding and encouraging to come together during the week for updates on the ways the Lord is at work in the church, our community, and our hearts, the last of which is of utmost importance as this is where our transformation as believers first begins. The more we intentionally engage in Christ-centered community, the more we are spurred towards holiness–> to look like Christ. Monday night, Jason and Cayce Finley expounded on the importance of dying to yourself daily and fighting sin to be obedient to Christ and be a growing disciple. It’s a true privilege to be a member of the Clemson SummerLINK team and therefore a member of the Crosspoint staff this summer. There is built-in accountability and much opportunity for missions right where God has us this summer. We are very hopeful for a fruitful week ahead as we reach out to our community in a new way!


Post written by Brooke Simecka in Clemson, SC.


Brooke is working with First Impressions and Local Outreach this summer.