Open Doors in California

Open Doors in California

We out here in sunny San Diego, California! Our journey began with some early adversity. One of our team members, Emily Davidson, experienced her first flight with a cancellation of her ticket. The gracious Chloe Rutherford stayed with Emily and they were able to get a later flight and arrive after a very long day at midnight PST. While they were making the journey to California, we met with the rest of the Gen Send team on Mission Beach gathering around a fire, meeting new people from all over the country, roasting marshmallows, playing games, and enjoying the ocean breeze. The following day started bright and early for orientation at the Hill Church. As a team, we have been able to explore the public transportation system and San Diego State University (SDSU). Our primary mission focus will be SDSU and the neighborhood around Del Cerro Baptist Church. Our team will also be participating in weekly discipleship groups with Gen Send, a book study with fellow church members, and a team Bible study in Galatians.?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


This summer the team from GenSend is made of 31 students from all over the country to serve multiple churches all around the city of San Diego. We?ve gone through some training with the whole team and have gotten to grow closer with the leaders and students as we explored Oceanside on Monday! We?re looking forward to studying with them through discipleship groups and serving with them for the rest of the summer!

Del Cerro Community?

The Del Cerro community has been great! We are extremely thankful for Del Cerro Baptist Church in their provision of a place to stay and their continued kindness. We?ve been able to meet the majority of the staff and learn about how they glorify God in all that they do. We had a cookout with the community of Del Cerro Baptist Church to hear more about their stories and build each other up in encouragement. We?ve also had the opportunity to listen in on the sermon recap / staff meeting. It was great to see how they loved each other and took every part of their worship service seriously. It?s great to see how the church family comes together and enjoys spending time together with things like playing games or serving together.?

What we have been learning:?

  • We have been surprised by the friendly climate here in California. People are more willing to have conversations than originally anticipated.
  • The people of California tend to put their value in health and recreational activities.?
  • They do not serve Queso. In fact, they do not even put cheese on their tacos!?


Prayer requests

  • This summer we will be working with the pastors to help start a college ministry here at Del Cerro Baptist Church. Pray that we would work well, listen, and help create a ministry that is a good fit in the community.
  • We have already gotten to have several conversations with people both around the community and on campus. Please pray for continued gospel conversations and for those that we have already shared with.
  • Several of us have dealt with head colds, so pray for continued health and safety for our team.?
  • Pray for the neighborhood that the church is located in. No one from the community attends the church.?
  • Please pray for the Church body as the church is in the process of being revitalized and changes are being made.
  • Please pray that we will not only have gospel conversations, but also have follow ups.?