Summer LINK: Raleigh-The Power of Community

Summer LINK: Raleigh-The Power of Community


            After several weeks of being a part of Summerlink at Open Door Church, I have been involved with activities such as, soccer camps, children’s camps, planning, group bible studies, equip dinners, small group discipleship time, etc. I have learned so many things from these people that I have been learning from and serving with.  

            But what I have experienced is the power of community. The church is dependant upon deep and intimate bond between its people. I have experienced a different kind of community lately in doing summer link, a community where I have experienced mentorship. This is something I have not really had before. The leaders that I get to sit under are amazing. I have learned so much from them in the past couple weeks. I have seen their example in how to do ministry, how to love the church, how to lead your family and your church, among other things.

            During one of our Equip dinners at Zach Nelson’s house he talked about this kind of relationship. He talked about how before a church planter is sent out that person is assessed and given opportunities to serve, and that summer link is one of those opportunities. I see this opportunity as a privilege to be refined and taught and to build relationships with people who I consider friends.

            Zach talked about how the church is supposed to be the entity that evaluates, equips, and prepares the men and women to plant churches and do ministry. This concept was kind of different to me because being in Bible College you expect that once you graduate you are supposed to be “ready” to go out and plant churches. Through Zach’s talk I realized that for this method to work the community within the church must be deep, and it must be able to correct and instruct. It is this kind of community that I have seen and experienced, that pushes me to want to be more like Christ.

            From the few short weeks I have been a part of SummerLink I have grown closer with the leaders of my church as well as other members and I know that they are equipping me to be the best servant of Christ and His church that I can be. This community, this bond I am developing with the people of my local church gives me a new and deeper love for the church, and causes me to want to serve it with a new fire.

            By: Steven Kramb