Summer LINK Raleigh Update – Creed Camp

Summer LINK Raleigh Update – Creed Camp

creed imageAs some of my High School girls were joking around this past week at Creed Camp, one said sarcastically, ?What happens at camp stays at camp!? We all laughed but then her statement got me thinking, may this camp be one that they go and tell all their friends and family about. I am a high school girls leader at Open Door in NC, a junior at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, a Summer Link intern, an employee for a company called Waboba, and ultimately a disciple of our Lord. This past week I had the privilege of serving at Creed Camp for the first time. There are many stories I could share with you from our trip such as the time I had to rush one of our leaders to urgent care who sliced her thumb to our awesome rec games to how incredibly hot it was all week to leading a line dance for the Western night and more!

ICreed camp pic 2n this post in particular I would like to share how a fun camp such as Creed can be used to reach unbelieving students and strengthen the faith of students who already believe. I would like to share with you about my roommate for the week. It was a high school girl who only comes to Open Door when it is her week to be with her Mother. I had never met her so as I tried to get to know her I asked, ?What made you want to come to Creed?? She didn?t say anything. I then said, ?Or did your parents make you?? She told me that her parents did make her come but she continued to tell me that she has really enjoyed her time! She said she thought she would be dying to get the rec games over with but that she really liked the games and that her team was really funny. I smiled as she went on about all the fun she was having.

Creed camp picWhen our conversation was over I thought about how as a believer I don?t see rec games being very significant in making the gospel known and reaching unbelieving students. However, it was in that moment that I realized how valuable even the fun games were in reaching students who have yet to place their trust in Christ. What a great way to meet the students where they are at by getting them to do a whole bunch of fun, messy, wet games to allow them to have their summer fun and then in the evening allow them to experience true worship and an incredible gospel message each and every night. Even the fun at Creed is completely necessary to making the gospel known. I was able to continue to grow a relationship with my roommate throughout the week and she decided to make Christ the Lord of her life by the end of it! Praise God! Many of our students who already believe in the Lord were challenged and strengthen at Creed as well. Overall Creed Camp 2015 was a huge success and I look forward to being a leader for it again next year.

Please be praying for our Summer LINK interns and other leaders who will be involved with a new discipleship program we will be doing here at Open Door called Summer Equip. Leaders will be meeting one on one or two on two for intentional weekly discipleship for our students. I pray many students will take us up on this great opportunity and that we as leaders may be able to help them know God more. I went through a counseling-discipleship program recently after becoming a believer and it was vital?the best thing to happened to my faith and walk with Christ. Thank you for your prayers and stay posted for more updated from our team!

– Kayla Reagan