Summer Link Anderson: Looking Ahead

Summer Link Anderson: Looking Ahead

As the summer heat slowly becomes more unbearable and thoughts are shifting to the refreshing breezes and scents of fall, SummerLINK Anderson looks back on our time spent serving Renewal, and we smile. Our happy exhaustion comes from the?tireless work we did in our community as God was simultaneously working in our hearts. Our Father blessed us with a jubilant team, two strong leaders, and a healthy, growing church to ensure the summer would glorify Him. We are, without a doubt, ?grateful to be called to serve alongside fellow sisters and brothers in Christ.

?13600220_1231981963512615_5379902235704206294_nLooking Back

The team has been repeatedly reminded of our Father?s love, sovereignty, grace, and sheer power throughout the summer. He has instilled in us a reviving love for His church and its importance in partnership in evangelism and discipleship. Through the direction and leadership of Sam and Sadie Youngs and Sean Alford, SummerLINK Anderson students are confidently equipped to minister to the needs of students of Anderson University.

13227136_1221458747898270_4571249509499662086_nLooking Ahead

Instead of hoarding our knowledge or not putting the things we’ve learned into practice, with the potential to forget or even become passive, we have been asked by our leaders to outline specific goals for the upcoming school year. Our goals include reading the book of Acts before school starts, developing relationships with a targeted few on campus that we can easily spend time with and share our life with in order to?show Christ, using our positions in campus leadership to minister to those younger than us or less mature in their faith, continuing to look to meet the needs of Renewal church, challenging our current friend group to pursue evangelism with us, and encouraging the efforts made by one another. Instead of anxiety or dread, we look forward to the fall and spring semesters with feverish enthusiasm to love the lost or struggling on Anderson University’s campus and in the larger Anderson community.?

IMG_1547In Parting

Thank you for your consistent prayers for this team, as we needed every last one to finish the summer. Thank you to those who supported us financially, for God has used?you to be a blessing to our team as we pursued fellowship with one another and the advancement of the kingdom of God. Thank you to Renewal Church, for showing us what it looks like to serve with selfless conviction and willing joy. Thank you to those who have been discipling us individually, for your intentional time will not be forgotten and will hopefully be continued throughout the school year. Lastly, thank you to God our Father, who has saved us into the church, blessed us with His Spirit, and sent us out on mission to bring hope to the world and glory to His Name. We are grateful for SummerLINK and what this program has taught us about the church, and we hope to implement our renewed understanding into our daily routines, not only in this coming year but the rest of our lives.