SummerLink Honduras: Gracias a Dios

SummerLink Honduras: Gracias a Dios

We’ve been here in Honduras for 5 days now. After a few days of getting acclimated to all that this beautiful country has to offer, we’ve begun to settle down into our roles and see what it is the Lord has in store for us this summer.

Our backyard

It’s been a tremendous learning experience for us all. We are teaching two English classes to students at a school at the base of our hilltop Casita. In addition, we are working at a Bilingual school in an adjacent town (twenty minutes on a school bus and two river crossings away). After school, we have started leading an adult english class held at the Hospital Loma de Luz –did I mention that only one of us speaks reliable Spanish?  This has pushed us all out of our comfort zones for sure, but has ultimately helped us connect in a way that will foster Gospel conversations.

Amid the many English classes, we are rotating through days spent in the Hospital. Despite the fact that I have not yet had my first chance to spend the day with patients, I have heard many great things from our friends who have had that opportunity already. Surely there will be riveting stories to come in future posts…

Though much of the linguistic work we are doing is a very practical and useful skill, I am sure we would all agree that the most impactful aspect of our trip so far has been in seeing the relationships we have built –both within our team, and amongst the kids staying at the Children’s Home run by the hospital or at the bilingual school. To paraphrase the words of a fellow teammate here, seeing the children and their needs has deepened our understanding of the Father’s love for us all as we have been given this opportunity to share in providing that love with them all. We’ve already developed incredible bonds with countless Hondurans here and I pray that these continue to be points of much growth and fruit for us all.

Hanging out under the mango trees

Continue to pray for our time here and the work to be accomplished.

Gracias a Dios
Thanks be to God

By Eric Holberton