SummerLINK India: Peace Out I-Town

SummerLINK India: Peace Out I-Town

           This past Tuesday we had a neat opportunity at a nearby public school. We were able to take part in a seminar urging the students to love and care for the elderly.  Josh and Justin gave a presentation on the importance of caring for our parents out of gratitude for their care to us as children.  After the presentations the students asked questions, many had difficult questions on big problems in the home.  Also we were asked to sing for all the students. Then we were taken on a grand tour of the school and fed a traditional Indian school lunch!

Later that day the girls went to coffee with our friend P and her sister. We had a great conversation on the g0spel and the peace we have in Chr1st. The guys went to dinner and then to a Chai bar with our friend A.  They had a interesting discussion on the reason for conflicts between Hindus and Muslims.



On Wednesday we had lunch with our good sister P and then divided into teams to go pr@yer walking in the malls.  Later that day the ladies were honored with an invite to our sister G’s home for dinner. We spent time with her family and pr@yed over them. They are such a kind and hospitable family.

On Thursday the girls went to a nearby salon for some spoiling with facials and hair treatments. We were also able to treat our sister G to a facial for her birthday.  Later we completed our celebration with cupcakes and hanging out.

While the guys went on another adventure with our friend H to visit some local temples and enjoy some street food.

On Friday we joined several of our brothers and sisters for a hike to Ralamandal! The green foliage and sweeping view made the hike well worth it! At the top we gathered for pr@yer over I-town and India.  We are really going to miss these guys!

As Chris Brown would say, “Don’t Wake Me Up!”

How can you be pr@ying for us?
– For safe travels to Delhi and then home on Thursday.
– While we are ready to be home please pr@y that we would be content in our last few days here.
-Our teammate, Amy, now has multiple options for her time her in India! Pr@y that she would have wisdom to discern what to do and that she would find a place to live.

Post by: Anna Chassevent