SummerLINK India: When Life Gives You Lemontree

SummerLINK India: When Life Gives You Lemontree

SummerLINK India
        Last Thursday was an interesting day because the auto-rickshaws we use for transportation were on strike. Fortunately the girls were still able to get to the house of their friend G. They were welcomed to an authentic meal and experienced true Indian hospitality. They even got to play a little cricket!

Josh and I went to T.I. mall where we were able to meet with our friend R for several hours. 
        On Friday we had to say goodbye to our hotel, the beloved Lemon Tree. We packed our bags and sent our things off. Then we made our way to a conference of national believers.
Bye Lemon Tree!

The conference was organized by V.F.I. and many of our friends were there. We heard two sessions taught by a guest speaker. Then we had lunch and a time of rest and fellowship. There was an afternoon worship session, after which we left. The believers there were full of joy, they continued despite numerous power outages.

        Saturday was a really fun day for us. One of our friends took us to a waterfall called Patal Pani. We had such a good time exploring the area. The waterfall and surrounding area were absolutely stunning.

                                                Our Fearless Leader
That evening we went back to the house for an evening with the family. They made us a home cooked meal of American food. We enjoyed it so much. It wasn’t even spicy.

On Sunday we took autos to church. The rest of our day was nice and relaxing.
        Monday was a busy day for all of us. Josh and I spent the afternoon pr@yer walking with B in a few different areas of the city. He acted as our translator so we could talk to Indians who didn’t speak English. We also had the chance to visit his home. The girls spent the day doing the same thing with their friend G. We came back together in the evening for dinner and to debrief what we had done that day.

How can you be pr@ying for us? 
  • Pr@y that our last few days here will be fruitful.
  • Please pr@y that the friends we have made will continue to pursue the Lord, and that those who do not know Him will continue to be drawn to Him.
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By: Justin Harrison