SUMMERLINK Prague: Because the Resurrection Stands True

SUMMERLINK Prague: Because the Resurrection Stands True

We have 9 days left in the Czech Republic.? After six weeks of ministry in the city of Prague, I think each person on our team is going to find it pretty difficult to return home.? We?ve built connections here and established relationships with the locals.? We?ve learned about their lives and told them our stories.? It?s been hard and challenging and the Lord has stretched us further than I could have foreseen.

One of the greatest acts of grace that we have experienced here is the salvation of our friend Denise! ?The Lord revealed his Gospel to her and gave her eyes to see it as truth ? she repented of her sins and trusted in Christ as her savior! ?It was incredible to see how the Lord sovereignly removed walls that prevented her from belief for so long. ?We have a new sister in one of the most atheistic countries in the world? a sister who will be here long after we leave and will have the ability to proclaim the Gospel in her native tongue. ?Hallelujah to our Father! ?This tangible display of the Lord’s faithfulness in the midst of this particular culture has been such an encouragement to our team and is an answer to so many prayers throughout the entirety of this trip.

Today, Matt and I sat at lunch with one of our friends who was raised in the Czech Republic.? We proclaimed the Gospel to him continually and tried to answer his questions in a way that pointed to the crucified and risen savior.? We talked for hours about how the future impacts where we place our hope.? In the Czech language, the word hope is often translated to ?doufat?.? However, this exact word is used to describe things that you wish for or hope will come true.? While talking to our friend, we realized that his worldview provides no absolute assurance of the things that he hopes for? there is no certainty.

God is worthy of our hope ? He cared for the world with such a deep and unimaginable love that He was willing to enter into creation and become the Creature in order to atone for the sins of humanity.? And in an act that shook the foundations of? the world, God raised Christ from the dead ?defeating death and promising reconciliation?to Himself?for all those who trust in Jesus.? This gospel provides hope that is more than just wishful thinking.? Nad?je is the?mark of a hope that is certain and can be found in Christ alone.

But praise God for 1st Corinthians 15:

And if Christ has not been raised, than our preaching is in vain…. but in fact, Christ has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep. For as by a man came death, by a man has also come the resurrection of the dead.

We know that our proclamation here is not in vain because the resurrection stands true.

Please pray that the Lord would provide community and accountability and encouragement for Denise ? and for our Czech friends that have not come to salvation, pray that the Lord would grant them eyes to see his goodness and mercy.

Pray that other labors would be sent to the Czech Republic to take part in this Gospel proclamation.

And lastly, pray that we would be comforted by the spirit as we prepare to leave – knowing that our God is wholly sovereign and He is Lord over this country.