Theological Impact

Theological Impact

The theological education aspect of Generation LINK is what initially drew me to the program. Prior to coming to Generation LINK at Crosspoint Church in Clemson, I spent ten years on staff with Athletes in Action (part of Cru). Toward the end of my time there, I highly desired to further my education theologically and eventually serve in the local church. As a father with three kids, there were a few different options for me in my pursuit of seminary:


  1. Go on campus full time and have my wife work
  2. Go on campus and juggle long work and school hours while my wife stayed home
  3. Stay at Cru and personally finance my education while also raising funds for my salary


While none of those options are sinful, none of them were ideal options for our particular situation. As I continued to pray how this could work, God put a chance meeting with Jeremy Chasteen in my life. As we talked, he mentioned that with Generation LINK, residents could work full time in the church and pursue theological education at the same time. I walked out of that meeting convinced that this was the best possible path for me. Not only could I now financially afford to attend seminary, but I could also work out my education daily in the context of the local church while providing for my wife to stay home with our kids.


I am now in my second year with Generation LINK at Crosspoint Church, and I can say that my life and ministry have drastically been changed for the better. Just today I presented a paper to our staff about a strategy for discipleship in the local church. Not only could I not have done that a couple years ago, but I had never even heard of having a churchwide discipleship program. In addition to learning about the church, I am so greatly blessed to be able to directly apply what I learn in the classroom each day at my job. I am convinced there is no better way to do seminary than a residency. Not only will I eventually graduate with a seminary degree, ready to seek employment in a local church, but I will have years of experience working in one too.


If you are considering pursuing theological education, let me personally recommend you to consider Generation LINK or a similar residency. God has greatly used the residency to help me grow not only personally, but in my ability to teach and do ministry in the local church. I can’t think of a better way to spend a few years.



John Henschen

Generation LINK Resident

Clemson, SC