What’s Next?

What’s Next?

Throughout the past few months, I have transitioned into the residency program at the Church at Cherrydale in Greenville, SC. As God has made it more and more clear that I’m going to be a part of a church plant at some point in the future, He has also opened doors in such a perfectly-timed manner for my wife and me. The emphasis at TCC on multiplying disciples in all the world has been a huge encouragement to us as we think through and learn what it means to plant a church, and I am excited about continuing to learn to lead and love in ministry throughout the residency at TCC.

With just a few classes left on my Masters of Divinity at Southeastern, there are two questions that have been heavy on my heart and mind in recent months: “where am I called to serve?” and “what am I supposed to do?” The few months that I have been a part of the residency at TCC have already greatly encouraged me in both of those questions. For us young guys just starting out in ministry who have big dreams and
aspirations of doing huge things for God, we can struggle with the ”What am I supposed to do?” question in a way that can be unhealthy. The question of what our ministry will look like can easily become a struggle of finding our identity in our ministry role or position. Thankfully the leadership of the church and the small group I am a part of have encouraged me in those areas. After sharing about struggling with the question of whether I am really a church planter, one of my pastors and my small group leader, Hugh Carson, encouraged me probably more than he even realized during our prayer time. When Hugh asked for God to help me realize that my identity is as a child of God, the light bulb in my own heart came on. I am in Christ. I am adopted as a son, and no
matter what my ministry looks like or how successful it may appear to be, I can rest in an identity as a child of the God of the universe.

I have also found some awesome encouragements for the “where am I called to serve?” question within my role at TCC. There is a culture and emphasis on sending that carries with it the expectation that if you are a resident, you’re going to be sent somewhere to build the kingdom of God. That culture and emphasis has been just what my wife and I have needed as we have sought what the Lord will have for us over the next few years. In thinking and praying through the “where” of church planting, my wife
and I have both had a special intrigue with Salt Lake City. Neither one of us has any ties there, but the incredible need for more gospel witness as well as the beauty of the city has given us an interest in being a part of a church planting work there. Luckily for us, TCC took a missions trip to Salt Lake last summer and partnered with Hope Church. With our schedule as school teachers and with the help of TCC, we were able to visit Salt Lake for a few days during our fall break. Salt Lake City did not disappoint. We had an incredible time exploring the city. The leadership at Hope Church did a fantastic job of not only showing us how great of a city it is, but also showing the ripe harvest that is there. Being in one of the most unreached cities in the USA, my wife and I were convinced of the deep need for more gospel witness in the city. We left the trip encouraged, and we did not see any red flags about continuing to pursue being a part of a church plant in Salt Lake. A major question that we have both had to grapple with is, “Is there a just reason for us not to go?” I am excited to continue to grow, learn, and make disciples at TCC as I walk through the doors that God continues to open.


Here are few ways you can pray for my wife and I:
● Pray for faithfulness and gospel intentionality in our current roles as public high school teachers.
● Pray for continued clarity and direction as we pursue and prepare for what God would have us do.
● Pray for wisdom and strength as I continue to seek and grow in various areas of ministry within the life of TCC during my time in the residency.

-Caleb Davis 

Generation LINK Resident

The Church at Cherrydale

Greenville, SC