Yeah, that greenville

Yeah, that greenville

Greenville, South Carolina is home to many sights and sounds around the area. Downtown Greenville is filled with adventure everywhere you go and various opportunities in our own backyard to represent how we as disciples can represent Christ’s hands and feet. With that being said, there is nothing quite like how God is already shaping Summer LINK Greenville here in the Upstate.


Summer LINK Greenville consists of three different church plants: The Church at Blue Ridge, The Church at Greer Station and The Church at Cherrydale. So far we have held a Summer LINK kick-off barbeque where Summer LINK members from the three churches were able to meet and enjoy fellowship together before the month began.


The following Monday, our team of nine had our first Cohort Meeting at the Church at Cherrydale where we had the wonderful opportunity to hear Bryce Harrision speak. Bryce serves as a church planting resident leader at the Church of Greer Station. He spoke to our team about testifying to the truth of God’s word and the importance of knowing God’s truth and being able to evangelize to others using God’s word. One question that he asked our team was, “If Jesus came to testify to the truth, then what does that mean for our role in the world as the church?”


John 18:37 says, “For this I was born, and for this I came into the world, to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice.”


God’s truth is for ALL of us and that is something that is unchanging no matter who you are. The world paints this picture that everyone has a different absolute truth. But, as followers of an Almighty King, we serve a God who is the only TRUTH. If our goal as a team is to be doers of the Word, we must know His truth. If our mission is to evangelize to non-believers we must know and believe exactly what John 14:6 says, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”


Being able to meet other members from the churches around Greenville has been a super eye-opening experience. We have a team of nine followers of Christ who are able to do life with each other throughout the summer and so far it has been an experience that has exceeded all of my expectations.


The Church at Blue Ridge is hosting a runner’s camp that all three churches Summer LINK teams will be able to be a part of. This will be a tremendous opportunity to share testimonies and demonstrate the gospel to campers and their families as well.


The Church of Cherrydale will be hosting a theatre camp in July and it’s been an eye-opening experience just to learn about how anything can be used to glorify the Lord. Our team is filled with college students and leaders who have a variety of interests in either children’s ministry, street evangelism, church planting, graphic design, and youth ministry. What a wonderful picture that is being painted proving that the Lord gives His children skills to ultimately glorify Him in the process.


All hands will be on deck as our team also prepares to serve at a basketball camp happening in July as well. Although I am quite vertically challenged God is allowing me to help out with registration for the week. Just like I said, anything to glorify Him is all that matters!!  Thankfully we have some awesome guys on staff that are willing to participate in the actual camp and can actually make a basket—unlike me!


Along with that,  our team will also get to experience an evangelism training with teams including Summer LINK Anderson and Summer LINK Clemson. Jerry McCorkle, from Life Point Church located in Greenville is the founder of Spread Truth Ministries and will be leading the training.


Please join our team in praying for:

  • Opportunities to share the gospel around Greenville and neighboring cities around the Upstate.
  • The evangelism training next Saturday and that the Lord speaks through us as we learn to evangelize throughout the summer in various instances and situations and that we continue evangelizing even after the summer is over.
  • Safety and rest for our teams.
  • Our partnering teams in various locations in the states and overseas such as India and Prague
  • Authentic quiet times for all teams.
  • Intentional relationships to be built with non-believers around the area where our teams are serving.



Meghan Salinas


Summer LINK Greenville